CSS Profile

What is the CSS Profile?

  • The CSS profile is similar to the FAFSA, but the CSS profile asked more detailed questions about ones finances than the FAFSA does.
  • The CSS profile is used to determine non federal financial aid, such as need based grants given out by colleges and universities.
  • The CSS profile is administered by the College Board, which administers the AP program and the SAT program.
  • The CSS profile is NOT Free to fill out. The first cost is a non refundable five dollar cover charge. And for each additional school a student would like to send the report to costs 18 dollars per school per report.
  • The CSS profile is only required for some universities and colleges. Check with your potential school to find out whether you need to fill out the CSS profile.

To fill out the CSS Profile, Click Here.


Before registering, print the instructions and the pre-application worksheet.

Register, and provide the schools that require the report.

Students need to register two weeks before the due date for their colleges and universities. A supplemental application work sheet will be provided for the necessary information based on colleges and universities selected.

The CSS profile allows students to complete the application in phases and not all at once.

Students need to SUBMIT the CSS Profile one week prior to the earliest deadline.

Once submitted, students will receive an acknowledgement and information required for the next steps in the financial aid process.