College Preparation

Welcome to the current college student section of This section will provide information about what current college students need to do to continue to receive financial aid, and possible ways to maximize that aid.

Getting More Aid

Well your in college now, so what can I do to get more aid?

One unknown way to me until my second year in college are academic based scholarships offered to students within certain majors. Depending on your school and major there may be several scholarships restricted for only you're major. The key is that a lot of students do not know about these scholarships within their school.

The key is to talk to your academic advisor, financial aid advisor, and possible professors within your major to find out about these scholarships.

The second important factor is to KEEP YOUR GRADES UP. If you make good grades then you become an asset to your department.

In addition to scholarships at your school, make sure you check on scholarships available in your area and online at some of the following links.

Keeping Current Aid

In addition to looking for additional aid, students need to realize they need to take steps to continue to receive their current aid.

The basic step is during your spring semester, students and parents need to fill out the FAFSA AGAIN. For every year a student is going to be in college you need to fill out the FAFSA.

And each year the FAFSA will calculate a different EFC, which will dictate your financial aid for the next academic year. And as in high school, a student's school will issue a financial aid award letter outlining all the aid that a specific student will receive.

One important note about academic scholarships, any additional scholarships that are awarded during the school year will be calculated into your award, which usually will result in a decrease in another need based award such as a need based grant or work study..

For Example: Financial Award Letter Sophomore Year:

Stafford Loan : 3,625.00
Need Based Grant : 5,000.00

A student applies for an academic scholarship, and receives one for $2,500.00.

Usually, the additional 2,500.00 will be subtracted from the need based grant, and the grant total would fall to only 2,500.00.

The new Financial Award Letter

Stafford Loan: 3,625.00
Need Based Grant: 2,500.00
Academic Scholarship: 2,500.00

Any additional scholarships or outside grants will be counted towards the financial need and deducted from accounts such as need based grants and work study. Students may continue to receive the Stafford Loans, but they may become unsubsidized instead of subsidized. For more information on Stafford Loans please refer to the Stafford Loan section.