Types of Aid

For students entering College, there are many different types of aid to choose. These sections will overview the many different types of aid.

1. Loans

The Loans available to students and parents are specifically tailored for their needs, and as with all other loans they have to be repaid. The most common types of loans for students and parents are Stafford, Perkins, Plus Loans, and Private Student Loans.

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2. Grants

Grants given to students are cash payments, which are not expected to be paid back. These grants are awarded on a need basis. The most common Grants are known as Pell Grants and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant given by the Federal Government and sometimes need based grants given by institutions

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3. Scholarships

Scholarships are awards given to students usually based on academic merit or community service. These awards are not expected to be paid back, but the award may have specific requirements to be completed before all funds are paid out.

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4. Work Study

Students have the ability to work part time while in school. The Federal Government provides participating schools with a certain amount of Work Study funds each year. Those funds are paid to student participating in the work study program.

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5. State Aid

To find out about the potential of state aid deadlines, please see our State Deadlines section. Please note, state aid is different than Federal Aid.

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