Work Study

General Information

You can work part-time while you're in school, and you can be an undergraduate or a graduate student. Our program is called Federal Work-Study and is administered by schools participating in the program. We provide those schools a certain amount of Work-Study funds each year; when all funds have been awarded, no additional Work-Study awards can be made for that year. To be eligible for Work Study, students must fill out the FAFSA.


You'll earn at least the current federal minimum wage, but the amount might be higher depending on the type of work you do and the skills required. Your total Federal Work-Study award depends on when you apply, your level of financial need, and your school's funding level. Apply early so you'll have a better chance of receiving Federal Work-Study funds.

How will I be Paid

Undergraduate student - by the hour

Graduate student - by the hour or by salary, depending on the work you do

Your school must pay you at least once a month. Also, your school must pay you directly unless you request that the school make payments to your bank account or use the money to pay for your education-related institutional charges such as tuition, fees, and room and board.

Important Notice about Work Study: Even though work study is indicated within the financial aid award letter, it is NOT disbursed at the start of the school year like loans, grants, and scholarships. It is paid over the semester as the student works at his / her job.